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About Archangels

The concept for the Archangels is relatively simple. Assemble a group of the best folks on the server, highly skilled, Exceptional Personalities, and let them loose on Thelanis. "No Expectations" is our mindset, but when you are guilded with folks you like, the camaraderie comes naturally. It simply means there are no "Attendance required" events, raids, or groups. What you do is entirely your decision during any given play session.

Our primary motivation revolves around wanting to have fun, succeed and get better at everything we do. We will short man raids, pug, and do all kinds of things that will help us enjoy this great game. Other players and guilds will see an Archangel team and be damn sure they are going to have fun, not be judged or harassed, and will most likely succeed, but if we don't, who cares; we will dust off and go at it again. If a LFM is up and an Archangel hits it, the group will be happy; because they know they are getting a damn fine player and person and will know their team has been quite enhanced.

Archangels are those that are sent in at the worst of times and with the utmost belief they will succeed in a most grandiose and gracious manner. They are not braggarts full of attitude to match their skill; they are the most capable entities with the most gracious and cool of personalities to match.

The most important thing we want to see is players / people who conduct themselves in such a manner, that people see or hear about an Archangel and think the best of thoughts. We won't be perfect, we might even get upset at someone for whatever reason, but if we do, it will be metered and warranted and will not get out of hand. No Archangel will attack a pugger because they are less fortunate, but will seek to help them with instruction in an effort to improve them, but if they don't want it, let it go and leave them be.

The last thing is related to recruitment.

AA has no open recruitment. We are extremely deliberate with our recruiting. We have grown far past our initial projections and have continued to maintain our "No Drama" mindset by being very careful. AA is not for everyone. Many of us, members, officers, even founders have very close friends in this game that, for whatever reason, may not be in our guild. All potential recruits must have a referring sponsor, but this is not a guarantee of acceptance. All new guildies must be unanimously approved.

If this seems good and fair to you, check us out, sign up, team with us, whatever you want.

In the end, Life is waaaayyy too short, so when we logon to DDO, we want to enjoy ourselves and have a great time with at minimum, our fellow guildies.

Archangels Founder

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